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24 December 2017 @ 06:07 pm
Due to the fact that it's Christmas Eve most of the country is closed. However, our tour guide and assistant did a wonderful job of finding alternative activities. This morning after breakfast we headed to a local farmers market, which had a mixture of flowers and food. While the live chickens that they were being killed were a bit much for me, they did have some lovely treats (see pictures below). We then headed to a botanical garden, which I always love! The weather is beautiful here too, it's 65° and sunny.

Instead of going to lunch with the group (as we had packed sandwiches), mom and I walked around the town where we found a beautiful square full of lots of vendors selling last-minute Christmas gifts. We ended our day at the salt Cathedral, which is very interesting to see. We're back in the room repacking and organizing and we have our first dinner tonight! All in all, a great day!