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            I never thought I’d say this, but thank goodness the weekend is over! It’s hard taking care of these kids 24/7! And now they’re all asleep in bed and tomorrow after breakfast my day off beings so I’m freeeeee! Woooooo!


            Anyway, today wasn’t that bad – it started off with getting the church girls up, then showering and going to breakfast. Afterwards we returned to the dorm, had a quick hall meeting and then I took Sam and Michelle to the office because their parents were here to visit them. I ran a few errands and then came back to the dorm until lunch. And after lunch was WATER DAY! Now, I’ve come to the conclusion that Water Day is just an excuse to wear out everyone… not just the kids, but the RAs too! It was crazy! Dad came and helped out again and we ran Sponge Dodgeball, which was fun. However, unlike last time, this time instead of using tickets and such, if you won, you got a water balloon! That meant that there were 200 kids running around with water balloons… I’m sure you can just imagine the madness. But, the kids had fun and I was just dripping a little when we walked back.


            We returned to school and everyone showered, then we went to dinner and I showed off the yearbook for a bit. We started the movie at 6:15 tonight (They watched the first Harry Potter movie in honor of his birthday today). The best part – the movie is 2 hours and 20 minutes long! Woohoo! So, in that time we had a quick meeting (we’re not having a meeting tomorrow, we’re all meeting with Beth and Josh individually) and then we worked on yearbook stuff. Everyone filled in quotes for each person and we went outside and took CTY pictures (We spelled out CTY using people! Then we spelled out GMA too!)  for the cover. We also had a cupcake party because Jess asked the cafeteria people if we could have some and they gave us a whole plate of them with icing and everything (we love the cafeteria people!) It was a wonderful evening.


            After the movie we came back and everyone got ready to bed. After lights out I ran over to the office to print some pictures, dropped off the yearbook at the staff apartments, and now here I sit once again. Kim is out for the night and I have newspapers to read, a yearbook to work on and e-mails to answer. So to all those readers out there in cyberland, I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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