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Alex calls me pookie! :)

            Ahh another day in lovely Chestertown. Another crazy weekend full of crazy children. Today was just one big mess of running around from place to place. It started off with breakfast, then I had to shower and take Theresa to meet her parents and two other girls to the health office and I picked up Matt W.’s kids. So I went to the office and then I took three kids and Sarah, Aaron and I had the Jewish service (it was interesting). Afterwards I ran back to the dorm and Kim left, so I had all the girls. We got ready, went to lunch and then went to Hogsmeade. Matt and I spent three hours out in the hot sun running Quidditch, which was fun, but tiring. My girls didn’t win, but they did try and have fun, so that’s good. After that we came back, showered and hung out for a bit and then went to dinner. At 6pm we took all the Talent Show kids and set that up (it was a bit crazy, but it all worked)


            We started the Talent show around 6:40ish and it went surprisingly well! Some of the kids were good (the violin kid was AMAZING). We had tons of fun duct taping Josh and doing the random little openers before each act. All in all, a wonderful evening. Afterwards we returned to the dorm and I worked on the staff yearbook for awhile. I worked on it up until 11ish when Kim returned and I just ran over to the office with Andrew to print out some more pictures. And now here I sit as usual, doing a million things and getting ready for bed. Tomorrow is water day, which is the most exhausting day for RAs, but the kids like it and it wears them out too! Woohoo!


            So, dream well all! J

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