hutubachick (hutubachick) wrote,

It's coming....

Tomorrow is the last day of school! Woohoo! But, there is so much to be done! Thankfully, we have been pretty productive this week overall.

Here are some examples:
On Tuesday I went to Brent and Becky's Bulbs and they gave us another huge donation of some beautiful flowers! We were able to go out for 2 hours today and plant everything all over the school. It will look beautiful in August!

Our garden and greenhouse are all set for the summer. I have trained several staff members on how to care for everything and make sure nothing goes crazy. We went out today and tied up our tomatoes. We also picked our first cucumbers of the season!

The kitchen is officially closed and cleaned. All we have to do is clean out the fridge tomorrow and it's done!

Everything else in the room is basically cleaned. We have to cover all the bookshelves and desks so they don't get dusty. I tried that today, but one of my students then decided he didn't like that and unwrapped everything. Or, he thought it was Christmas. Who knows?

But, tomorrow at 1pm I'm on SUMMER BREAK! (Which is short lived because I need to report to Princeton on Sunday)
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