hutubachick (hutubachick) wrote,

Secret Identity?

I've developed an alter ego.... really though, I have. Clearly it's from all those years of being exposed to comic books.

In NY I'm Sammi, the Wondergirl! I join every club under the sun, am able to lift heavy tubas in a single bound and make lots of friends in an instant! I'm loud, outgoing, and bouncy.

In VA I'm Samantha, the professional. I sit quietly and take notes while commenting only when needed. I'm highly organized and work with children with special needs.

Sammi wears crocs.
Samantha wears heels.

Sammi wears her hair in a bun everyday.
Samantha straightens her hair.

Sammi sings very loudly at the top of her lungs.
Samantha listens to classical music quietly in her classroom.

Clearly, I have an alter ego.
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