hutubachick (hutubachick) wrote,

I have an Uncle George?

Mom: "Your Aunt Sara died last night. We're going to the wake on Wedesday."
Sam: "I have an Aunt Sara?"
Mom: "Well, not any more." 
Sam: "How is she related to Uncle George?"
Mom: "Her husband (who painted the scene of Greece over Daddy's dresser), was Uncle Jimmy, Nick's first cousin, so she's your father's second cousin-in-law."
Sam: "That just makes it more confusing."
Mom: "She's Uncle Nick's mother and Nancy's mother-in-law. She was born Jewish and converted to Greek Orthodox but it didn't take because everytime we went over there (which wasn't often) she tried to make us a roast beef at 11:00 at night. She was really really old and had dementia."

This conversation didn't actually happen - Mom sent me an e-mail with what would have happened if we did actually talk. She nailed it on the head - this it exactly how it would have gone :)
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