January 1st, 2020

First day of school

New Years Resolutions

Last year’s resolutions:
1. Travel to 5 new places (inside or outside of the US):
a. Germany (Kasierslautern, Cologne, Mainz, Dresden, etc…) I’ve been to Germany for a day prior to moving here, but now we have traveled all over!
b. Switzerland (cheese and chocolate people… amazing)
c. Belgium (home of the French Fry museum! Yes!)
d. Netherlands (Haven’t seen the tulips yet… that’s on the list).
e. Luxembourg (such a lovely country that people forget about!)
f. Czech Republic (It was chilly, but we loved it!)
Wait, that’s six… this was really easy because we’re in Europe now! It’s 45 minutes to France!

2. Try or learn 5 new things:
a. Rode a recumbent bike (took a tour around San Antonio)
b. Ate (and learned to make) spaetzle
c. Learned to cook – I’m doing pretty well if I do say so myself (Bill agrees)
d. Got a German and an international driver’s license (not an easy feat…)
e. Learned about military life – a continued process.

3. Plan and pull off a wedding
a. Not only did we do this, but it was a HUGE success. No blood, no major tears and no hospital visits! Everyone had a fabulous time and we really enjoyed seeing everyone before we left!

4. Lose 25 pounds and keep it off.
a. I lost 15 pounds before the wedding and another 12 pounds when I moved to Germany and found that there is pork in everything (my body does not like this). I’ve since learned how to find chicken and with all the walking/exploring that we’re doing, the weight is staying off.

5. Move to Europe!
a. Success! We have a lovely home, a car, Bill’s working, internet to talk with our friends and family and I’m keeping busy volunteering and adventuring!

Next year’s resolutions:
1. Travel 5 new places (anywhere in the world!)
2. Try or learn 5 new things
3. Keep the 25 pounds off and maybe lose a bit more