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25 June 2019 @ 01:50 am

After an 8-hour flight, we arrived in Ramstein yesterday and are now at Kapaun in Vogelweh. The flight wasn't bad - we had movies, food, and a window and aisle seat. We got through passport control and all our luggage made it (whew). We got the rental car, checking into the housing office, checked into our hotel (basically a small apartment), got a WiFi hotspot, found travel info at the BX, went out for a traditional German dinner (Bill had schnitzel and I had spaetzle) and climbed a hill to see castle ruins. Whew!

We did find out that there's not wait for on-base housing. So, Bill will be attending a housing seminar thing on Monday and we can set that up. Today Bill's going to work and I'm going to the local German pool with some of the wives.
25 June 2019 @ 12:35 pm
Today we went to the Rodenbach pool! It's about 10 minutes from the base and is 3 Euros per adult and 1,50 Euros per child. It's tucked away in Rodenbach and is this fantastic neighborhood pool. It's nestled in among the trees and offers a sport pool with 6 lanes, non swimmer pool (kept at 77 degrees F) with large slide, diving platforms, and more. The toddler pool is great, which was important because we had a toddler with us. It had a sun shade, mini slide, and some fun water features. We had a lovely time chasing the kids around, sitting in the pool and enjoying the sun!