May 10th, 2019

First day of school

This totally made me laugh!

We have a bug problem at school when it starts to get warm. The speech therapist was "attacked" by Jerry, a giant bug in the laundry room. She did kill him and now she feels like his family is out to get her. This was the e-mail that I got today:

"On another note, I was in the staff bathroom yesterday afternoon. We were looking for Jerry's larger and more assertive brother....James. He attempted to accost me when I made a pit-stop in the bathroom before my journey to the wilds of Gloucester. I would have laid the smack down on him in that very moment but the size of his midsection led me to believe that would not be a wise decision. Powerwashing the walls of the staff bathroom is probably not on anyone's agenda any time soon. And so....he lives. If he harasses me again I cannot be held responsible for my actions."