May 9th, 2019

First day of school

Avengers: Endgame

On Sunday I saw the new Avengers movie!

Real plot: Adrift in space with no food or water, Tony Stark sends a message to Pepper Potts as his oxygen supply starts to dwindle. Meanwhile, the remaining Avengers -- Thor, Black Widow, Captain America and Bruce Banner -- must figure out a way to bring back their vanquished allies for an epic showdown with Thanos -- the evil demigod who decimated the planet and the universe.

Sammi plot: It's time to bring back all their friends who got poofed and so Thor (hysterical), Black Widow (great hair), Captain America (still attractive), Hulk (a green machine) and Antman save the day! Lots of fight scenes and funny lines. It didn't feel like three hours, but overall, very well done.