October 7th, 2018

First day of school

A busy weekend!

It was a whirlwind weekend as always! I got into NY on Thursday evening and collapsed. Friday morning was spent doing work and cleaning. Mom and I also walked to the bank to take care of some paperwork. On Friday evening I drove out to Bellport and went to a wonderful wedding with Bill! The food and music were great and it was wonderful meeting some of his friends!

On Saturday Bill played volleyball with Dad while Mom and I went to several garage sales and the town Columbus day fair. In the afternoon Bill and I spent two hours at the Verizon store so I could join his plan and we got both new iphones (woah, the phone is so smart!) In the evening the parents all joined together for dinner and we planned the rehearsal dinner and picked the invitation style!

Now here I sit in BWI waiting for my next flight to return to VA. Whew!