September 29th, 2018

First day of school

A mini-adventure!

Mom flew out yesterday and we went on a mini-adventure this weekend! We started yesterday at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond. We saw the plant show and walked around the garden to enjoy the origami metal sculptures.

Today we went to Washington DC. It was a beautiful day so we enjoyed a 7-mile walk (oh yes, 7 miles) around the National Mall to see the Jefferson Memorial, FDR memorial, JFK memorial and more! We also accidentally ran into the Fiesta parade! A four-hour Latino celebration! Woah! Thats

First day of school

My mother cracks me up.

Me: "I'm very congested."
Mom: "Well, at least your throat won't hurt because we took out your tonsils."
Me: "Um... no, we didn't. That would be Chuck."
Mom: "Are you sure? Did you check?"

Good to know she can tell me and my brother apart.