April 5th, 2018

First day of school

Hiking, Gatlingburg and Pigeon Forge!

Today was our last full day on our trip in Tennessee. We started with a mini (3 mile) hike to Laurel Falls. It was mostly uphill going there, but it was a lovely trip! I even climbed down to the water and didn't fall! Woo!

Bill and I then went to explore Gatlingburg and took the Sky Lift (fyi: Bill's afraid of heights apparently, but it was a pretty view). We then took the Ober (which took us to an 80's style sky lodge with an outdoor animal park and more!). We ate lunch at the Pancake Pantry (the oldest pancake house in TN) and then went to "The Island" in Pigeon Forge. It was very touristy, but fun to walk around.

A lovely day overall!