September 25th, 2016

First day of school

Williamsburg Farmer's Market

Yesterday we all went to the Williamsburg Farmer's Market. Apparently I should read my W&M e-mails more because it was also Parent's weekend. Needless to say, it was a bit crowded. But, they also had a big art festival going on, which was really neat. We strolled around and bought some fresh produce. We were going to go mini golfing, but decided that it was too hot, so we headed back to Vanessa and Randy's and had a BBQ and played board games. A great afternoon!
First day of school


Bill and I went to to the Yorktown Waterfront today. They have shops and a lovely beach. We also discovered an art fair! After wandering for a bit we decided to take a segway ride (which neither of us had ever done). After a quick lesson we zoomed on our way. We went up Colonial Parkway and then down to the beach and the Yorktown Victory Monument. The guide was very interesting and it was a lot of fun!