July 31st, 2016

First day of school

Who you gonna call?!

Ghostbusters! Mom and I saw the new Ghostbusters movie today.

Official plot: Paranormal researcher Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) and physicist Erin Gilbert are trying to prove that ghosts exist in modern society. When strange apparitions appear in Manhattan, Gilbert and Yates turn to engineer Jillian Holtzmann for help. Also joining the team is Patty Tolan, a lifelong New Yorker who knows the city inside and out. Armed with proton packs and plenty of attitude, the four women prepare for an epic battle as more than 1,000 mischievous ghouls descend on Times Square.

Sammi plot: Female scientists get together and save NYC from an evil villain who brings back lots of ghosts. Their assistant, Liam Helmsworth (aka: Thor), was hysterical and a total ditz.

Overall - totally worth it! The original actors had some great cameos too!
First day of school

Williamsburg Tour

Yesterday Mom and I got a tour from my Boss' husband, who works at Colonial Williamsburg. It was a wonderful tour and he is very knowledgeable. The above picture is his favorite spot in Williamsburg because you can see all the rooftops. It's very pretty!