July 3rd, 2016

First day of school

4th of July weekend

I stayed over Chestertown last night and this morning I had a chance to catch up with Sue. After a quick breakfast, I then drove out to visit Becca, Chris and the boys. I only stayed for a few hours, but I had plenty of time to try the honey that was just harvest, learn about what to do/see in Australia, and hang out with the boys. Thankfully, I didn't hit any traffic on the way home either!
First day of school


While visiting Chestertown this weekend I had many fond memories come back to me. Not only working with students, but meeting and hanging out with staff. I remember walking into town on our free afternoons and getting a smoothie at Sam's or shopping in Twigs and Teacups. Kayaking in the Chester River, bowling in Queen Anne, movies at the Chester 5, hanging out before handoff, RA meetings, staff meetings, movie nights, donut runs, lunch off campus, Rock Hall fireworks, and so many more. I also have fond memories of taking evening walks to the bridge to watch the stars.

When I thought about it more, CTY actually changed my life. For example, I made wonderful friendships, including Vanessa, who led me to move to VA. I first drove on highway to Beth's wedding. I've traveled all over visiting CTY friends. I've gotten CTY friend's jobs and had three of them live with me!

While there were crazy times that drove me mad, overall my years at CTY were positive. Thanks CTY for the memories and lessons.