January 20th, 2016

First day of school

Swimming in the Dead Sea!

The Dead Sea
No, it's not getting better, though it is a lovely azure blue, like the Caribbean. It's rimmed in a thick salt crust that appears to our eyes as chunks of ice, but no, it's a rime of salt that would crush even the most stalwart Margarita. Smartours nailed it again, as we were taken to a fancy hotel on the edge of the Dead Sea. How fancy is fancy? Free international calls, free internet with a bank of computers, free wifi, a fancy spa (doubles as a bomb shelter, of course), superb food. We started with a huge buffet, included in the tour price, featuring the World's Best Chocolate Desserts. Then we put on our bathing suits in the spa and walked out a few steps to the water. The air was quite warm and the sun was shining, but the water was cold! That didn't stop me though and I floated for a bit. We enjoyed walking around and sitting on the beach.
A lovely way to spend an afternoon.