December 24th, 2015

First day of school

NYC at Christmas time!

Yesterday we went into the city for many adventures! It was pouring, but that didn't stop us! We:
- Saw the Macy's windows- they are Charlie Brown Christmas themed! Love it! They even have the Charlie Brown tree on top of the Macy's sign. It was adorable!
- Play #1: Noises Off with Andrea Martin. The first act was a bit slow, but it really picked up and was hysterical!
- Ate at Nanking (apparently our old Chinese place closed, so we found this one).
- Saw the Saks windows, which had an odd theme of around the world and figures dressed in white diamonds/feathers.
- Saw the tree at Rockefeller Center! As always, it was large and pretty.
- Play #2: Spring Awakening with the Deaf West Company. While I still don't like the show, I enjoyed the production by the company.

An exhausting but fun-filled day.