December 7th, 2015

First day of school

31st Birthday!

Another wonderful birthday! From celebrations at work to a party at home it was great. A few highlights:

- My amazing birthday hat (see above) made by my boss
- 500+ Facebook messages and wall posts from some amazing people
- A grilled cheese/tomato soup night with Sammi Scrabble
- Some fun presents for my birthday and Hanukkah

Two of my favorite facebook messages:
Hope your day is amazing! You deserve only the best. Anyone who gets to spend any time with you is really lucky! And they better make sure your day is amazing!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAMMI! Warmest wishes for MANY more happy, healthy ones filled with LOTS of joy and blessings, LOTS of fulfillment, LOTS of fulfilled dreams, and LOTS of sunshine, the kind of sunshine you always radiate so beautifully! Please keep in mind a wonderful quote from a Chassidic Rabbi a couple of hundred years ago: "Your birthday is the day G-d decided the world cannot exist without you." ENJOY YOUR CELEBRATION OF YOUR SPECIAL DAY!