October 27th, 2015

First day of school

Cleese and Idle!

Tonight we went to the Ferguson Center to see John Cleese and Eric Idle perform. Here's the blurb:

Britain's living legends of comedy, John Cleese and Eric Idle perform in their must-see new show, John Cleese & Eric Idle: Together Again At Last…For The Very First Time. The British icons will perform unforgettable sit-down comedy, blending scripted and improvised bits with storytelling, musical numbers, exclusive footage, aquatic juggling and an extended audience Q&A to craft a unique comedic experience with every performance. No two shows will be quite the same, thus ensuring that every audience feels like they're seeing Together Again At Last… For The Very First Time, for the very first time. And now you know why the show is called that, don't you?

Basically the first act was them chatting and putting on a few skits. They also showed some of their favorite video clips. The second act features Cleese telling "naughty" jokes and Idle singing his "naughty" songs. They ended with a Q&A section, but basically threw away the questions and thought of their own. Very entertaining!