August 14th, 2015

First day of school

Happy last day of summer!

Yesterday was my last 10-hour work day (we go back to five day work weeks starting Monday) so today is officially my last day of summer! What to do... what to do...

We're starting with a haircut and some shopping with Roommate!
First day of school

Historical Triangle

Colonial Williamsburg was running a deal this week for Virginia residents. If you filled out the form online and brought it in you got a free one day pass. The pass traditionally is about $25. However, they decided that if you did bring in this form you could then upgrade for a year pass for $26, while the year pass is normally about $65. Of course we had to do this! Who could pass up this bargain? The pass allows us to get anywhere in the historical triangle including all the museums, houses, and battle sites. It also allows us to go to any of the seasonal events which is really what's worth it.