September 15th, 2014

First day of school

Foodies is coming...

Foodies (TM) is proud to announce an extensive line of new products acquired this weekend. The exciting lineup includes:

  • plastic processed luncheon meats

  • life-like leaf lettuce

  • genuine plastic American cheese

  • plastic bread

  • hinged plastic eggs that open in their own carton

  • plastic burger buns

  • plastic Salisbury Steak with deliciously realistic grill marks

  • plastic hamburgers

  • plastic hot dogs

  • plastic pickles... 

  • -- even a checkered table cloth.

A new line of pots and pans is being imported from Virginia, by our generous and gracious supplier there.

The reopening of Foodies, after a 25 year hiatus, will be announced soon, pending the whims of the new owner, a mysterious figure known only as "ARR." The restaurant's new motto is "More!"