August 22nd, 2014


A night at the movies...

Tonight we went and saw "The Giver" at the fancy movie theater in City Center. For a $8 ticket we sat in a fancy recliner chair. It was lovely!

Basic plot: The haunting story of THE GIVER centers on Jonas, a young man who lives in a seemingly ideal, if colorless, world of conformity and contentment. Yet as he begins to spend time with The Giver, who is the sole keeper of all the community's memories, Jonas quickly begins to discover the dark and deadly truths of his community's secret past. With this newfound power of knowledge, he realizes that the stakes are higher than imagined - a matter of life and death for himself and those he loves most. At extreme odds, Jonas knows that he must escape their world to protect them all - a challenge that no one has ever succeeded at before.

The movie overall was very well done. They pretty much stuck to the plot, adding a few changes. One change that I really enjoyed what that they made Jonas 18 years old instead of 12 - it made the story  more believable. Overall, I would recommend that you watch it if you enjoyed the book.