July 31st, 2014


Things students say....

Well today has been loooooonnnnggggg day, but I still love these kids. I just had to contain myself from laughing out loud at the following conversation:

Me: "Do you know the number to reach your mom?"
Student: "Yes."
Me: "Okay, you just need to dial 9 - 1 and then the phone number. Mom already knows what happened, but I just need you to talk to her."
(Child then proceeds to sit down at the desk and starts dialing the number, but does not pick up the receiver.)
Me: "No, honey, you need to pick up the phone."
Student: "Oh, okay." (picks up receiver and proceeds to dial the number, then looks at me...) "So, where is the call button?"
Me: "Sweetie, there is no call button, is the phone ringing?"
Student: "Yes."
Me: "Then it's working."

No words.