May 18th, 2014


Thank you NY Blood Center!

Over the holiday break I went to the Blood Center in Meville for an our annual holiday blood drive. I actually made the iron count (Woohoo!) and was able to donate an ALYX (double red blood cells). However, due to several issues, I ended up breaking two machines and not being able to donate at all (clearly, my iron was too high!)

A few weeks later I got a letter, "Just want to let you know that the tenacity you showed during the holiday season was not lost on any of us. As a matter of fact because of your tireless effort and determination to get that pesky iron up, Bobby insisted that the office send you one of our fleece jackets."

Today I got home to find a new beautiful sweatshirt waiting for me! So, thank you Melville Blood Center! You guys are AMAZING!