November 11th, 2012

First day of school

Veteran's Day!

November 11, 2012- Thank you, to all Vets for the service for this country. Protecting our freedom and our liberty. The countless sacrifices you contributed to not only save our country - but to make a difference in the world. Veteran's Day is now one of the hottest topics on search engines for Google, and Twitter with the terms: Vets, WWII, Happy Veterans Day and Veterans Day 2012.

In recognition of Veteran's Day - try treating a Veteran like a movie star; a first class, "A-list" celebrity. Veteran's Day recognizes our veterans to appreciate their brave fight to keep America safe. If you are not familiar with the military events that have happened in the past 100 years make sure to read up on history. Go to your local library, video store or hit Google search to learn about veterans history and current political issues that affect veterans.

The simplest way to treat your favorite vet like a movie star is to rent a limo for a dinner out. Of course in this economy it might be better to just or take your car through the car wash and get it detailed, then enlist a friend's help for chauffeur duties. Go to dinner out in a good old fashioned steakhouse, a favorite diner or restaurant. This is not the day to be particularly health conscious, eat what the honoree would enjoy. SOS may not be on your list.

Ask three or four friends to act as paparazzi and show up for the arrival of the Veteran Celebrity, taking pictures with their digital camera. If you can add flash that is even better! Make sure to have a few pictures printed and framed to give as an additional gift.

Thank your Veteran by skywriting a thank you across the sky or placing a classified ads in your local newspaper. Place an ad on Craigslist with pictures. Call in talk radio show and do a quick thank you to your favorite VET (record the call). Don't wait for Veteran's Day to prompt you to remember what a star they are! Enjoy the Day with them, because being there in person is the most important recognition anyone can receive, if it is humanly possible to do so.

Many celebrities in the past have been recognized for their service, but often non-celebrity veterans are not recognized in the news.