September 27th, 2012

First day of school

Glee Casting Spoiler – Who is Dan Domenech?

As spotted by someone at the ONTD Glee community, New York native Dan Domenech’s IMDB page has him set to join the Glee cast as Chase Madison. So far he appears two episodes. He’ll debut in 4.03 “The Makeover” and appear again in 4.04 “The Break-Up.”

Judging by his character’s name (Chase Madison – could it be more New York?), the fact that he really doesn’t look like a high school student, and his debut episode (in which Kurt snags his already much publicized internship with Vogue), I’m placing my bets on him being a new friend – or foe – for our beloved Mr. Hummel.

What do you think? Vogue bigwig? NYADA instructor? Another substitute choir director back at McKinley?

Watch him sing New York State of Mind below (he’s good!) and let us know what you think Glee has in store.