September 16th, 2012

First day of school


Hey everyone! Great news! Daler Dan Domenech of Rock of Ages and Aladdin fame will be a new recurring cast member on Glee. His first appearance airs on episode 3 as Chad Madison. Let's all cheer him on and watch! So proud of you Dan!
First day of school

Talk about a sale!

Yesterday we were working at the Farmer's Market in town selling our fresh and dried herbs and veggies. One of my students was able to come too and she was WONDERFUL! We made $55 for the morning! Anyway, when the student's Mom came she brought with her two giant bags of pots, seed kits and other gardening supplies. She said that they were a donation for the greenhouse! And the best part - everything in the two bags cost her $2! Oh yes, GIANT sale at the Dollar General. Their garden stuff was 90% off!

So, after we finished I went over there and cleaned them out. I got everything they had left! Six hanging plant kits, five pepper kits, three lettuce kits, about a dozen small pots, three raised plant holders, two hanging pot hooks and much more. The best part? All for $12 total!

Thank you Dollar General!