August 11th, 2012

First day of school

Hello veggies!

I went to school today to finish setting up my classroom and check on the garden. Let me just say, the garden is ROCKING!

I ended up with two bags of tomatoes, a giant bag of basil, a bag of mint, a melon and five eggplants. Apparently the eggplant plants are taking over! So many veggies, so little time!

Hello eggplant!

Tomatoes anyones?
First day of school

Leadership Academy

From Tuesday until Thursday I was in Williamsburg for the first meeting of the Special Education Leadership Academy. There are 30 people from all over the state (and I mean ALL OVER the state! I have never even heard of some of these places!)

The three days were well organized to ensure that we had a chance not only to get to know each other (we're together for a year) but to understand the infrastructure of the VDOE. Throughout the three days we had several presentations from each department and their supervisors. We also spent some time working with the entire cohort and our smaller groups.

Over the next year we meet once a month in different places around the state. Next month we're heading to Richmond! :)