July 10th, 2012

First day of school

BLAMMO! Apparently a CTY tradition....

The organizer of a game of Blammo is designated that game's "God." He or she supervises every aspect of the game, including making the list, distributing spoons, keeping track of blammoed players, sorting out disputes, keeping track of who is stalking whom, etc. S/he also has the ability to Godblammo regular players and remove them from the game, regardless of any otherwise applicable Blammo rules.

Any who would like to play must search out the current game's God, usually in the Alcove during meals. When the game begins, God hands a plastic spoon to and designates a target for each player. The players then go through their daily lives while quietly stalking their targets. Each player must learn to function holding his or her spoon. When a player sees his/her target without a spoon, outside of designated safe zones/times, s/he should run up and playfully hit the target with his/her spoon and yell "BLAMMO!" The target would then be out. The player then relieves his/her former target of their spoon, asks who they were stalking, and pursues that target in the same manner. All Blammos should be reported to God, as well as disputes.

Please note that BLAMMO (Baltimore's version of blammo) has many variances in game play. DO NOT go to JHU and try to play BLAMMO with the rules stated above, as many important factors (such as safe zones/times, etc.) are quite different. Seek out the God/Goddess of BLAMMO and find out what exactly is different by reading the Tome of BLAMMO. If you are ignorant of the differences in BLAMMO by your own accord, yet sign up for BLAMMO anyway, the BLAMMO divinity WILL NOT replace your spoon, put you back in the game, etc.

Here are our rules at Princeton:

I'm not playing, but it's an interesting game to watch. Everyone carrying around their plastic spoons and trying not to get caught without them!