June 15th, 2012

First day of school

Sweetest gift ever!

One of my brought me an angel today! Not just any angel, but a towel angel! The body/head are a full towel, the arms are a washcloth and the wings are an oven mitt! He hand wrote, "H's Angel" on all of them and his Mom wrote, "Thank you for everything, you're an angel."

So cute! Here's a picture:

First day of school


Today was harvested some of our garlic (planted in September.) We were so surprised at how well it turned out! We washed it and braided it and we're selling it at the Farmer's Market tomorrow. Woohoo!

We also got 9 big bags of kale and lettuce, four string beans, a hand full of tomatoes and another cucumber! Behold - we can grow things!