June 1st, 2012

First day of school


Today I got this e-mail:

I am very pleased to inform you of your acceptance as a member of the 2012-2013 cohort of the Aspiring Special Education Leaders’ Academy (Cohort 5). I extend my congratulations to you and can assure you that you will find the coming year to be one of tremendous professional growth and learning.


Here's what this means:

Aspiring Special Education Leaders Academy
The Aspiring Special Education Leaders Academy is designed for educators who aspire to be in a leadership position and who are not currently a special education director. Individuals must be nominated and complete an application to be considered for selection into this Academy.

The Academy is a program established to assist school divisions and state-operated programs with succession planning and is designed to help prepare potential leaders for future administrative positions in special education.

This is a year-long program that will include workshops, seminars, observations, assignments and field experiences. Participants will have opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and experiences that will help them excel in positions of special education leadership.
2012 Nomination Process

The Aspiring Special Education Leaders Academy will be comprised of up to thirty participants representing school divisions, state-operated programs, regional programs and/or Training and Technical Assistance Centers from across the Commonwealth. Candidates for the academy may include teachers, student services staff, related services staff and recently appointed administrators holding entry level positions. All candidates must be endorsed by their division superintendent or designee. The selection process is competitive and a steering committee, appointed to assist in guiding this initiative, will review all applications.