March 4th, 2012

First day of school

Ellen DeGeneres and I are in a fight.

Our first round of Flat Stanley's went out to all my friends who I knew would answer. We picked 10 different states and sent them all around (see previous post and bulletin board). The next round the kids were allowed to pick their favorite famous person (or team) to send their Stanley to. We had several students pick football teams and two of them have come back so far (see previous posts.)

One of the students choose to send their Stanley to the Ellen Degeneres show. We looked up the mailing address for fan mail and packed up their Stanley with a letter explaining the project. I also include a letter about our classroom.

Well, two days ago I received the Ellen letter back! The envelope is marked, "Unsolicited, Return to Sender." It's a Stanley and it was sent to fan mail! How is that unsolicited?! The student was totally crushed. The envelope wasn't even opened.

Ellen and I are done.