February 22nd, 2012

First day of school

Kitty Wedding!

So, one of my students decided that the Roommate's cat, Molly, needed to marry his cat, Jughead. He planned the entire wedding (quiet elaborately) Below is the picture he drew.

The cats are getting married in the greenhouse (we are growing catnip!) As you can see, they are both fully dressed - Molly in a dress and Jughead in a tie. They have many exciting guests too including Horton, Thomas and Friends, all the characters from "Up" Spongebob and friends, the cast of Star Wars and Lightening McQueen. A very exciting group!

Apparently Molly and Jughead are going to get married and live in a big house many litter boxes because, "no one likes the smelly cat." They are going to make babies and Jughead will go to work while Molly cares for the babies and do chores. Molly will also make dinner every night - cat food. Molly will also make dinner when Jughead's cousins come over - pagetti and meatballs. :)
First day of school


Teacher: “What state is this?” (Pointing to Oregon)
Student: “I know that one, it’s Origami!”
Teacher: “Yeah, that’s not a state…”