December 7th, 2011

First day of school

Happy birthday to me!

To celebrate my 27th birthday in school I made a cake and had the kids decorate it! They used chocolate and vanilla frosting and write "HBR" for "Happy Birthday Miss R!"

It was a wonderful day!
First day of school

A wonderful birthday!

Let me spend a few minutes talking about how I have amazing friends and family.

First of all, my parents are amazing. They called and e-mailed throughout the day, but for my birthday gift I got tickets to see Hugh Jackman and Porgy and Bess on Broadway! AMAZING! :)

Secondly, throughout the day I've been receiving phone calls, text messages, facebook messages, e-mails and snail mail cards! I have learned that if I ever feel sad - I should just post that it's my birthday on facebook! I got 25+ messages and over 250+ wall posts!

Here are two of my favorite messages:

It's been a long time since we've last spoken, and still just thinking that it's your birthday makes the day that much better :) You're the best in the world, and I hope life gives you the best adventures! You definitely deserve them :) What's been new in your life? Have amazing things happened? Does life make you smile everyday?

My dear darling Sammi! The ORIGINAL Sammi Sweetheart if there ever was one! Happy Birthday!!! Have a funfabulous day and hope all your birthday wishes come true!! Hope you're doing well!

Thirdly, Vanessa and I had an Italian feast for dinner! Then, she made me cake pops for my birthday! A cake pop is cake on a lollipop stick covered in chocolate! Soooo delicious!

So, thank you friends and family for making my birthday wonderful :) It was an amazing day!