November 26th, 2011

First day of school

The Muppet Movie!

Today I went and saw the new Muppet Movie! Not only did it have a wonderful cast (Neil Patrick Harris made a cameo!) but there were several lovely musical numbers! It was a very cute story with some fun twists and turns. The muppets were as great as I remember them. Overall, a wonderful movie. I highly recommend it!
First day of school

Happy (early) birthday to me!

Yesterday we had my (early) family birthday dinner! The tradition at our house is that you get to pick your own dinner. We had eggplant parm (homemade and sooo delicious!), spinach ravioli, mixed veggies, and salad. For dessert we had my favorite - failure cake! It was a wonderful family meal :)
First day of school

Flat Luigi!

Flat Luigi came to NY with me to visit during the holidays. One of the things he did was visit the Long Island Blood Center! Sadly, he was unable to donate (his iron count was too low due to his lack of blood flow) but he did get to spend some time with the blood icon! He made him a pizza!