November 4th, 2011

First day of school

Buddy the Cake Boss tour!

Last night we saw celebrity cake decorator Buddy Valastro! (aka: Buddy the Cake Boss!)

Here's part of the news article on the event: The star of the hit TLC reality show “Cake Boss” welcomed his fans like members of his family as he shared more than just cake-decorating pointers. Valastro dished on the recipe for a successful and fulfilling life, all while dressing the perfect cupcake in the interactive presentation.

Valastro, a Hoboken native, bounced down the center aisle like a rock star as he high-fived and greeted his fans before hopping on stage with Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” blasting through the speakers. He then fired off some T-shirts into the crowd with a blaster.

All generations and ages were represented in the audience and the show. Grandparents, children, mothers and husbands all got into the act as Valastro welcomed fans on stage to help decorate cupcakes and dance along to pop tunes for prizes. The baker kept the crowd smiling with his hearty laugh and good-humored wisecracks as fans tried to mimic his designs.

Valastro incorporated stories about his upbringing and how he found his passion for baking with his father at Carlo’s Bakery, the now-household name. From photos with his sisters on the beach, to the first day he stepped in the bakery with his father, the audience got a taste of what it meant to be a part of the Valastro family.

Valastro shared the special experience he had making a wish come true for a terminally ill child by letting her spend the day working with him at his bakery and keeping in contact with her.

While Valastro made juggling reality shows, charity work, cake decorating and family time sound like a piece of cake, he emphasized that his success was the product of determination and trial and error.

While decorating a three-tier cake, he answered audience questions, which ran the gamut from his favorite cake designs (the Transformer cake and the life-size replica of his wife) to the first step to opening your own bakery.

Valastro had high expectations for the show, which lasted just over two hours.

“I hope they have a great time, laugh and are entertained and learn where I came from,” he told the Advance prior to the performance.

Mission accomplished.

Valastro has a knack for connecting with his audience and understanding why they are drawn to him.

“I’m real. They know who I am. I don’t forget where I came from,” he said.

The Cake Boss offered this sage advice for wannabe creative confectionery artists: “Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. Bake from scratch and never give up.”

It was really well done and a wonderful way to spend an evening! :)