October 12th, 2011

First day of school

I love my students...

So, to celebrate Columbus day I found this great activity where you create a book about Christopher Columbus. There were little blurbs and they had to draw a picture to match what it said.

The page said, "Columbus and his crew sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. The voyage was long and frightening for the sailors. They were at sea for 70 days."

Here is the picture I got:

When asked what he drew, the student replied:
Teacher: "What is this a picture of?"
Student: "They were at sea for so long they needed a break. So they checked into the Motel 8."
Teacher: "Why the Motel 8?"
Student: "Because they always leave the light on."

Good to know that when Columbus got tired the Motel 8 was there for him to rest in. My personal favorite part of this picture is the covered wagons checking in.