June 22nd, 2011

First day of school

First day of summer adventures!

So, I'm really not on summer break yet because I still have classes at W&M, but I'm done with teaching for now (I checked out and finished packing up my room yesterday!)

Today I slept in (until 9:30! WOAH!) and then showered, had breakfast, and checked out the hotel (I'm staying in Williamsburg because I have class M-W each night. It was easier staying here than it was driving back and forth). Then I headed over to the Dollar Tree and Target and walked around for a bit. I also stopped in this very cute little scrapbooking store and a teacher shop nearby. I was trying to decide what to have for lunch and went over to Barnes and Nobles. I ended up with a tomato and pesto sandwich (YUM!) and an apple while I read a silly magazine.

Now I'm at W&M getting some work done before my class starts up. Basically, a lovely day full of shopping and work... a normal summer day for me. :)