June 9th, 2011

First day of school

Oh what a day...

So, I had a pretty awful day.

It all started this morning while I was backing out of the garage. Apparently, I was a bit too close to the side of the wall and totally took the side mirror off my car. We’re talking dangling from the side of the car off… seriously!? So, I have my little breakdown and call the mechanic who tells me to bring it right in and they can fix it today. No worries, we have two others cars and I can borrow roommate’s car for the day.

I drive up to the mechanic, drop my car and we come back to the house. Roommate gets into her grandpa’s car (which is stored in our garage) and it’s apparently dead as a doornail (which is interesting because we just took it out on Sunday for a drive!) Okay, down to one car and I had class. So, we decide that I will pick Vanessa up from school and she’ll come to Williamsburg with me and hang out while I’m in class.

Anyway, I get to school late, but I get through the day. I had 8 out of my 10 special education students pass their math SOL (woo!) I left school around 2:30 and picked up roommate.

We started driving to Williamsburg, but the car started making some strange noises. We thought maybe it needed oil, so we stopped at a 7-11 and bought a bottle. We put in it, but the car still wasn’t happy. We made it over the bridge and onto Colonial Parkway before the car dropped dead. Oh yes, dropped dead. Did I mention that it’s 104 degrees here? Luckily, we were able to get it sort of on the side of the road and a park ranger came over. We called Triple A and then had to call Roommate’s Dad to come get us from VA Beach. While we were waiting the guidance counselor from my school drove by and stopped to see if I needed help. I also called my professor to tell him that I wasn’t sure if I was coming.

Triple A showed up and took the car and then the nice park ranger took us to the School of Ed. (I rode in a cop car! It was very interesting) I ended up going to class for a few before Roommate’s Dad showed up. He took us home and we went and picked up my car from the mechanic.

So, basically we destroyed three cars in 8 hours… impressive.