June 7th, 2011

First day of school

I'm hanging out with Tony...

I told my students that I'm going to NY to see the rehearsal of the Tony awards.

Student 1: "You're going to NY to meet Tony?!"
Student 2: "Who's Tony?"
Me: "I'm going to see the Tony awards - it's a type of award given to Broadway shows."
Student 1: "But who's Tony?"
Student 2: "It must be her new friend. Is Tony your new friend?"
Me: ::sigh:: "Yes, Tony is my new friend."

Apparently, I'm going to see Tony.
First day of school

Lots of funny things in the world...

Roommate: "So, the Green Latern is based around a ring that does whatever he thinks. So, doesn't that mean that the Green Latern could imagine the ring annihilating all villians or possible villians before they do any nefarious deeds, therefore negating the need for the Green Latern?"
Me: ::Smacks my head::
Roommate: "I think it's a perfectly valid questions."