May 7th, 2011

First day of school

A lazy lump?

I thought about being a lump today and lounging around the house... you can imagine how well that went.

I got up and showered and then headed over to run some errands. I went to the dollar tree and Walmart and picked up a couple things for multiple projects. I came home and instead of my plan to sit on the sofa I became productive.

-3 loads of laundry (all folded and put away)
-baked low-fat brownies and low-fat muffins (so gross) to mail to Bill
-Decided I wanted red velvet cupcakes (I just wanted one though, but apparently the mix made 30. So everyone at work on Monday will get a red velvet cupcake!)
-packed up several pieces of mail
-watched the rest of the first season of "Mad About You"
-cleaned my bathroom
-made dinner

Now here I sit (finally!) on the sofa watching silly television. Ahh, I love days of relaxing... haha!