March 12th, 2011

First day of school

Movie adventures!

Last night Vanessa and I went and saw "Beastly." I really enjoyed it - a good cast, an entertaining plot, overall a good flick. The soundtrack is also good. I recommend it. :)
First day of school

Oh weekends...

So, I'm battling what could be a headcold or an allergy... I'm not really sure. Either way, I'm not at my best. Due to this, I decided it was a good idea to clean today.

I started with my room and bathroom and then got sidetracked to help the roommate with chunks of the garage. We ended up emptying and cleaning out several storage cabinets to move into the art room. After a successful trip to the dump I did sit down for a bit and watch "Everyone's Fine," which actually upset me. Similar to "The Kids Are Alright" no one is actually fine (In "The Kids are Alright" I don't think the kids ARE alright!)

I was then motivated to clean/organize some more, so I organized our yarn collection and our smaller art pieces into drawers. Yes, I am a nerd, I admit it. But, I enjoy being organized.