February 14th, 2011

First day of school

Ohhh students...

Today we were watching a video on Martin Luther King, Jr. After the video, we reviewed some of the main ideas and had the students write about what they saw.  
Teacher: "I would like you guys to take a few minutes and write about something that you saw in the video." 
Student paper: "Martin Luther King, Jr. was a very important man. So important that he won the Motel Piece prize."

Apparently, Martin Luther King, Jr won the Motel Piece prize... who knew?

First day of school

Happy Valentine's Day!

Let's spend a moment talking about Valentine's Day in an elementary school...

The rule is, that if you bring in Valentines you need to bring them for the whole class (makes sense). Needless to say, our ENTIRE class brought in valentines. I ended up with about 10 boxes of chocolate as well.

If you ever need to feel loved, go to an elementary school on Valentine's day. It makes you feel wonderful :)