December 7th, 2010

First day of school

Happy birthday to me! :)

I have gotten over 900 facebook messages today... I didn't even realize that I knew that many people. Such a wonderful day. Text messages, phone calls, birthday cards and gifts... my friends and family and amazing.

The students today had made me a birthday card and (with the help of another teacher) put together a talking picture frame that sang happy birthday and said, "We love you Miss. R!" So great :) 

Vanessa and I had a delicious birthday dinner - eggplant parm (from Mommy) and gnocchi! Sooo good! She's making me a pirate cake now too! (It's a cake in the shape of a pirate ship! Yum!)

Here are a few of my favorite messages:

hello you, i hope that you have the best birthday ever this year. you are such a wonderful person and you deserve so much positivity in your life and i hope yo get it. be safe and Happy Birthday

You're amazing. And wonderful. And now one more year beautiful and full of life and wonderful experiences. I hope this birthday finds you in the greatest of spirits, and the sun comes out just for you. You definitely deserve it.

Have a very merrily happy birthday! I hope you enjoy this most special day and that you receive gifts galore! (and should one of those gifts be a trip to en exotic island, you know who to invite :P lol)

Happy 26th year to me.