October 23rd, 2010

First day of school

A lazy weekend... sort of.

This is my only free weekend for the next two months so last night I went out right after school and ran all my errands so I could hiberate this weekend. It was a very long week (I've had several very long weeks) so I actually slept in today until 9:30! Woah! 

However, since I got so much sleep I then decided I was awake enough to be productive. Things I accomplished today:
- answered all my mail
- balanced my checkbook and paid bills
- cleaned my room and bathroom from top to bottom
- set up Halloween decorations in my bathroom/bedroom
- started our goodie bags for the party (they're AWESOME by the way)
- started reading (and will finish) all the newspapers that I got
- finished my lesson plans and sorted club information for school
- answered all my e-mails

So much for a lazy weekend. At least I'm sitting on the couch now....