October 2nd, 2010

First day of school

A lovely Saturday...

Today we had some lovely adventures!

First we met one of the girls that I work with and headed out to Williamsburg.  They had a farmer's market going on (and apparently it was parent's weekend) so we walked around for a bit and visited a few of our favorite shops (including the cheese shop and the chocolate place! YUM!) We had a mini picnic lunch on the benches and watched the set up for the street fair.

Then we headed over to the Movie Tavern to see "Easy A." It was a very cute movie and I really enjoyed it. It also had a wonderful cast! 

From there we headed to Barnes and Noble (we love a good bookstore). Vanessa bought a Nook and all their DVD movies were 50% off! Woo! We spent a good hour wandering around.

At this point it was already 5ish, so we headed back to Gloucester and did a food shop. We ended up getting home around 7pm and unpacked before having some dinner.

All in all, a lovely day :)