August 17th, 2010

First day of school

Hello from VA!

Hello from VA! I finally  made it back!

The drive took about 8 1/2 hours on Sunday, but it wasn't bad at all! There was very little traffic and I only stopped a few times.

Sunday night was spent unpacking/organizing and trying to fit everything into my room (A very hard tasks indeed!) But yesterday, was totally productivity! I'm actually going to just list it:

- Went to the DMV and get a VA driver's license
- Got the car official VA plates
-Registered to vote in VA
- Walked around Downtown Williamsburg
- Met with my advisor and scheduled my classes for the Fall
- Met many of the teachers in the department
- Met the main secretary (always make friends with the secretary)
- Got my William and Mary parking pass (Which was INSANE! I can't believe they charge that much!)
- Got my William and Mary ID card
- Went to the William and Mary bookstore and checked out my books! (One class didn't have any books)

Whew! I got so much done! Today will be spent organizing paperwork and getting ready for school! Always so much to do! :)