August 6th, 2010

First day of school

Interesting... he gave me no trouble at all.

In 2007, Autograph magazine named Ferrell the worst celebrity autographer. Its editor stated, "What's so frustrating about Will Ferrell being the worst autograph signer this past year is that he used to be so nice to fans and collectors and a great signer. What makes him so bad is that he'll taunt people asking for his autograph."In response, Ferrell has stated, "I don't know how I got on the list. I sign a lot of autographs," but has admitted to taunting autograph-seekers: "I do. I really do. I'm like, 'How badly do you want this autograph?' 'Are you sure?' 'You say you're my biggest fan, really, prove it.' I'll do things like that. They have to earn it."

He just signed the ticket.I think this means that he likes me. Either that or he wanted me to go away.  

First day of school

Scott and Megs got married!

Yesterday I traveled to MA for Scott and Meg’s wedding! I left around 11:00AM and got there by 3:00ish, which worked out perfectly (The wedding was at 5:00PM) I had time to change and get over to the site, but it actually started to POUR. And, it was apparently supposed to be an outdoor wedding… so much for that idea. After about 20 minutes they moved everything inside and we had a lovely wedding. It was led by one of the tuba players, Aaron, a very funny man indeed, and the couple had a great time.

 Great lines included:

Aaron: "The couple has decided to write their own vows, but it's none of your business. So, moving on..."

"Do you, Scott, take Megs to be your wife?"
Scott: "Sure."
"Do you, Megs, take Scott to be your husand."
Megs: "I guess."

After the ceremony we had a cocktail hour and then the reception. It was just as I had expected – full of fun, friends and entertainment. They even had a photo booth! (Two copies of each set of photos printed out – one for you and one for the couple that went into a scrapbook) The night concluded with dancing and laughs. It was a wonderful time and I’m so glad I got to go!

Scott looks so happy to see me!