July 5th, 2010

First day of school

Back from the cruise!

Hello all!

We have made it back from our Royal Caribbean cruise! Instead of writing a giant entry, I'm going to post a few notes:

We took the Freedom of the Seas, which is apparently the second largest ship in the world. It has everything from an ice skating rink to an indoor mall the size of a football field. Everything Vanessa and I tried to go somewhere, we got lost. It was pretty entertaining, at least, to us. We went ice skating, rock climbing, swimming, worked out at the gym, ate tons of food, watched different shows including magic, broadway reviews and acrobats. They had everything a cruise ship could need! 


Our first stop was Haiti, which basically turned out to be Royal Caribbean’s personal idea. We were no where near real Haiti. It was all very plastic and organized. We got off the boat long enough to walk around and take some pictures before getting back on and finally getting a deck chair (with 4,000+ people on board, this was a challenge)

Our second stop was Jamaica. We got off the boat and walked around for a bit. We shopped at the Taj Mahal (no lie) in Jamaica and were offered many tours, being that we are such "pretty ladies." We were also offered weed, always fun. In the afternoon we went snorkeling, which was TOTALLY AWESOME! I had to take my glasses off, but the fish were so close that it didn't matter. Really cool and I would totally do it again.

Our third stop was Grand Cayman, where we decided not to take a tour. We walked around and ended up  in the Cultural Museum. It was small, but they did a great job organizing it. The best part, was that it was run by a lady who lived in Farmingdale her whole life (we're still not sure how she ended up running the cultural museum in Grand Cayman) But, the island was full of shopping.

Our last stop was Mexico where we had a full day excursion to the Tulum ruins (Vanessa was so excited!) We got off the big boat and took a little boat to a bus. The bus ride was about an hour and then we were there (Every time we got on a moving vehicle I fell asleep!) The ruins were beautiful and they were the only Mayan ruins built on the coast. We spent about two hours there and headed to a nearby beach and Mexican restaurant. We ate local cuisine (or, looked at it because I like my stomach where it is) and then sat on the beach. It was a long day, but very enjoyable.

All our ports were HOT HOT HOT! But, we sweated it out and enjoyed it.

Overall the boat was very nice. The food was good and people were friendly, however it was very large and you felt like a number. Our cruise director was quite crude at times and they often picked fun at Carnival cruise lines. But, our room was nice and we spent a lot of time reading and sleeping (as we should!) 


First day of school

FL... GA... so many states!

Okay, we're finally in GA! 

We got in yesterday morning and Jodi and Erica picked us up. We headed out to Dixie Crossroads (a wonderful seafood place) They had rock shrimp, which were delicious! (They were sweet!) We had a lovely lunch and then went back to their house to get our car.

From there we drove out to St. Augustine to see Carly! We got to see her house and meet the boyfriend (who is also named Bill!) We went to her parents house for a 4th of July BBQ and got to see the whole family. We had tons of food and fun! Then we went back to Carly's house and hung out. We crashed and got up this morning and went out for a bit. We had breakfast and wandered around the mall area.

After that we drove out to GA (which was only about 2 1/2 hours). We got here before our hotel room was ready so we headed out to lunch and went and saw the new Twilight movie (which wasn't bad).

Now we're in the hotel relaxing and watching silly television. Tomorrow we're touring GA! Woo!